Repairing the Ruins


June 16 – 19, 2020


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New perspectives and familiar faces. June 17-19.

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Conference Week

Reading the Story You are Actually In

Douglas Wilson

The history of the world is a story that God is telling, from beginning to end. But unless you are one of the apostles, the chances are outstanding that your particular role in the story is a supporting role, a B-story. How are we to understand all of this? We need to hold two things together in tension, and learning how to do this is the way of wisdom. The first is the task of avoiding self-deception, and learning how not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought, and the second is the truth that in Christ there are no little people, no little schools, no little ventures.

Rehabilitating Beauty

Louis Markos

Of all the writers of the 20th century, that era when ugliness truly came in to its own, Lewis was perhaps the greatest apologist for beauty. He saw all too well the modern aversion to beauty, and he understood that the cause of that aversion is finally less aesthetic than it is psychological: a rather desperate defense mechanism to protect our jaded, agnostic age from that terrible Beauty that dwells together with Goodness and Truth in the heart of the Creator and of the creation he made. Understanding further that when beauty is deconstructed, goodness and truth inevitably follow in its wake, Lewis set …



Daniel Coupland

Daniel Coupland

Daniel Coupland is chairman of the education department and dean of faculty at Hillsdale College. He has served as advisor for the classical education minor and the liberal arts teacher apprenticeship for the past eleven years. Dr. Coupland was Hillsdale’s Professor...

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2020 National Honor Choir Auditions are Open

2020 National Honor Choir Auditions are Open

Friends and music teachers, The National Honor Choir, now looking forward to its third year, will be held during the 2020 Repairing the Ruins Conference, June 15-19, in Louisville, KY. During the week students will work with world-class music faculty, study God’s Word...

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The Galt House Tour

The Galt House Tour

The street in front of The Galt House Hotel David Goodwin, President of the ACCS, visited the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, this October, in preparation for the 2020 Repairing the Ruins conference. It is a beautiful venue surrounded by shops, restaurants,...

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