Katherine Schultz

2024 Speaker

Katherine Schultz has served as associate headmaster at Schaeffer Academy since 2006, and has worked as a teacher and administrator in Christian education for more than 35 years. Her role at Schaeffer includes mentoring teachers new to the school through a 3-year process that helps them develop as classical and Christian educators in their fundamental approach as well as practical skill. Katherine is also the founder and CEO of 3-Dimensional Worldview Survey. She wrote the definition of “Christian worldview” for the Encyclopedia of Christian Education. Through ongoing international work, she continues to invest her time in helping schools, teachers, and their students align their beliefs, behavior, and attitudes to a Christian worldview. Katherine and her husband TJ have been married for 33 years, and attend Autumn Ridge Church, where they both volunteer in the worship ministry. She enjoys cooking, reading, travel, and creative work.