Christopher Schlect

2024 Speaker

CHRISTOPHER SCHLECT, PhD, has worked in classical and Christian education for over thirty years. At his home institution, New Saint Andrews College, Chris is Head of Humanities and Director of the Classical and Christian Studies graduate program. He also teaches courses in history, education, and classical rhetoric. In addition to his work at NSA, Chris teaches for Gordon College’s program in Classical Graduate Leadership, and chairs the Accreditation Commission for the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS). Chris also has many years of classroom experience teaching grades 7 through 12 at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, where he also coached a high-achieving Mock Trial team. Previously he taught history at Washington State University and interpreted historical sites as a ranger for the U.S. National Park Service. Today he serves classical and Christian schools around the country through his teaching, consulting, and training activities. Chris and his wife, Brenda, have five grown children, all products of a classical and Christian education, as are all their spouses. The number of their grandchildren continues to grow—a testimony to God’s goodness.


2024 Practicum


Teaching Lab

This practicum is back by popular demand. Seats are limited.

What’s the difference between a great lesson and a middling lesson? How do we offer teachers the kind of feedback that encourages excellence in our classrooms? Participants in this practicum will learn what to look for in a lesson, and how to offer feedback on what they see. They will develop an eye for distinguishing effective lessons from ineffective ones, and they will build a vocabulary that helps them articulate this difference to their colleagues.  This practicum is for administrators who are responsible for assessing the quality of classroom instruction. It is also for teachers who want to hone their craft. All participants will come away with practical tips about how they might implement teaching lab exercises in their own schools.

Our experienced facilitators have assessed classroom lessons in dozens of ACCS schools around the country. They will lead you through the process of classroom observations and help you deliver effective feedback.