2024 Conference Schedule

MAIN CONFERENCE: June 20 – 22 (Thursday-Saturday)

PRE-CONFERENCE: June 19 (Wednesday)

JOIN US: Atlanta, GA.   |   Register here.

Liz and Wally Caddow

Liz and Wally Caddow

Liz Caddow founded Trinity Classical Academy in 2001 in Santa Clarita, CA with her husband, Wally Caddow. Today Trinity is in its 23rd year with 560 students in grades TK – 12th and has graduated 13 classes totaling over 400 students who have attended some of the...

Keith McCurdy

Keith McCurdy

Keith A. McCurdy, M.A., Ed.S, Is a Family and Parenting Educator and Consultant, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Virginia. He has worked with families, children, parents, and individuals for over...

Jarrod Richey

Jarrod Richey

Jarrod Richey has been teaching general music and choir classes at Geneva Academy in West Monroe, LA, since 2008. He received his Master of Music degree from the University of Louisiana Monroe. Mr. Richey completed his Kodály music teacher certification from Wichita...

Jean Auxier

Jean Auxier

Jean Auxier is the Dean of Faculty and Curriculum at Faith Christian Academy (Kansas City, Missouri), where she has served for twenty years and currently oversees forty-three faculty members. Her teaching experience at FCA includes 7th grade humanities (currently),...

This schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates.

Suggested Audiences

Grammar Logic/Rhetoric Administrators Everyone  Foundation Track  Learning Needs Track

   PRE-CONFERENCE: Wednesday, June 19

   THURSDAY Morning, June 20
Welcome & Opening
Plenary Speaker – Rene Girard, St. Anselm, and the Crackle of Envy – Douglas Wilson
Modern Apologetics for Scientific Skeptics: The Astronomical Discourses – George Grant
The Paideia of God – Joe Rigney
Build Engaging Literature Lessons – Sarah Crowe
ACCS Accreditation From the School’s Perspective – Hefner & Walker
Why Does Your School Need an Intentional Program to Serve Students … – Liz Caddow
(Collaborative) Collaboration Without Consternation – Mandi Gerth
Art Education: Challenges and Delightful Possibilities in the Classical … – Kandra Bellanca
How to Find and Train Latin (or Greek) Teachers for Your School – Tim Griffith
Track Plenary — Engaging Our Students and Encouraging Our Parents – Keith McCurdy

   THURSDAY Afternoon, June 20
Lunch and Vendor Time
Lunch Meeting for Heads of ACCS-Accredited Schools. Learn more.
Singing and Announcements
Plenary – The Children of Hope: Augustine and Anselm – Kevin Roberts
Head of School Wives Tea. Learn more.
The Experience of the Sublime – Grant Horner
Theological Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts – Kyle Rapinchuk
Against Pragmatism: Mathematics in the Grammar School – Patricia Smith
Opening Doorways to Classroom Attentiveness – Phil Arant
Blending Faith and Preparedness in Safety Training – Jason Perry
From Empathy to Action: Creating a Comprehensive Student Support … – Megan Howell
Designing an Effective Senior Thesis Program – Patrick Halbrook
A More Melodious Sound: Fighting the Attraction and Distraction of … – Matt Beatty
Track Plenary – Anselm the Teacher: The Pursuit of Joy in Education – Joe Rigney
Temple-Centered Teaching – Andrew Kern
Rhyme, Rythym, & Repetition – Mindy Stanley
The Seven Laws of Teaching – Christie Wright
What 400 Hours of Discussion over 50 Texts in 16 Months as a Student … – Mark Wheeler
Counting the Cost … The Head of School Role – M. Wade Ortego
A Good Man is Hard to Find: Modern Education and the Crisis of Men … – Franklin Norton
A Day in the Life: Teaching Students with Learning Needs in the … – Coliver, Robertson, &
(Collaborative) Twenty Years in a Collaborative School: Lessons … – Jean Auxier
Track Plenary — Part I: Homer on Courage and Justice – Louis Markos

   THURSDAY Evening, June 20

   FRIDAY Morning, June 21
Announcements, Singing, and Introduction
Presentation: First Prize, 2024 Chrysostom Oratory Contest
Plenary — Anselm and the Discipleship of the Mind – George Grant
Governance in the Garden of Good & Evil – Douglas Wilson
Discipline and Discipleship – Kelly Gardner
Hands on Formative Assessment – Bryan Lynch
Smoothing Your Path Through the ACCS Accreditation Process – Carmen Watson
Facing Legal Threats and Protecting Your School’s Religious Liberty – Harrison Smith
Hope and A Future is Here: The Imago Dei School for Students with Developmental and Learning Disabilities – Clark & Howell
Ascending Shadows: Shedding Light on Our Curricular Choices – Jean Auxier
Merging Linguistic Worlds: Mastering English Grammar through Latin – Kellie Herrera
Track Plenary – Engaging our Students and Encouraging Our Parents (Repeat of Thursday’s workshop) – Keith McCurdy

   FRIDAY Afternoon, June 21
Lunch and Vendor Time
ACCS Membership Meeting. Learn more.
Presentation of the Boniface Award
Plenary Speaker – Meghan Basham
Poetry as Pedagogy – Kyle Rapinchuk
Part I: The Canon of Great Books – Diener, Horner, & Schlect
The Training and Teaching Dichotomy – Christie Wright
Reinvigorating the Contemporary Quadrivium – Slater & Slater
How to Put Down the Ring: The Gollum in Headmaster’s Clothes – Ben Holland
Teaching for Spiritual Formation: Liturgies of Time and Space – Kyle Hughes
Early Intervention and Educational Therapy – Bond & Robertson
Singing School: A Two-Tiered Music Vision for Classical Christian … – Jarrod Richey
Track Plenary — Logos-Centered Teaching – Andrew Kern
Not a Minute Wasted – Donna Taylor
Part II: The Canon of Great Books – Diener, Horner, & Schlect
Assessing Through Oral Dialogue: Seeing What the Students Really … – Earl Claypool

Stories for Mentoring and Support for Novice Teachers in Classical … – Katherine Schultz

(Collaborative) Understanding the Home Day: Help for the … – Mandi Gerth
Set the Table and Enjoy the Feast: Creating Culture with Intentional Liturgy – Patsy Hinton
A Sober Look at the Perspective of a First-Year teacher, for Those … – Davis Greenwood
Eud-AI-monia: Generative AI and Classical Christian Education – Josh McCroskey
Track Plenary — Part II: Homer on Courage and Justice – Louis Markos

   FRIDAY Evening, June 21


   SATURDAY Morning, June 22
Tending the Growth of Oral Rhetoric and Communication in Younger … – Darlene Gomes
The Incorruptible God’s Biology – Diane Carter
Teaching with Eyes on the Sun: The Doxological Pedagogy of Dante’s … – Joe Carlson
Anselm and Modern Science: Credo Ut Intelligam, or The Other Way … – Chris Hall
The Art of the Question – Mandi Gerth


Identity is Key: How Knowing Who You are Makes Everything Easier – Jon McCord
Track Plenary – Pagan Texts and Classical Christian Education – David Diener
Announcements and School Accreditation Presentations
Plenary – Full-Time: Work and Human Dignity in a World Gone Mad – David Bahnsen
RTR Preview: Episode 4

RTR Preview: Episode 4

NEWS, NOTES, AND HIGHLIGHTS RTR PREVIEW EPISODE 4 RTR PREVIEW: Episode 4 Learn more about the pre-conference practicum: Teaching Literature with Josh Gibbs. You can also see...

Jarrod Richey

Jarrod Richey

Jarrod Richey has been teaching general music and choir classes at Geneva Academy in West Monroe, LA, since 2008. He received his Master of Music degree from the University...

RTR Preview: Episode 3

RTR Preview: Episode 3

NEWS, NOTES, AND HIGHLIGHTS RTR PREVIEW EPISODE 3 RTR PREVIEW: Episode 3 Learn more about two of our practicums: Teaching Lab and Speaking Latin. You can also see all 2024...

Collaborative Model Track

Collaborative Model Track

Collaborative Model Schools 2024 Workshops Collaboration Without Consternation - Mandi Gerth THURSDAY, JUNE 20 10:50-11:50 The collaborative model teacher is doing the work...

Quotes from Conference Attendees

There were several options–I had a hard time choosing between in workshops. Great problem to have!!!

Loved the inclusion of STEM workshops, P.E. workshops, preschool workshops and workshops on helping students with disabilities! These are the areas where we needed guidance and we are excited to listen to them with our faculty. It is so encouraging to be inspired by the speakers! … This year my daughter who is a senior at Vanderbilt joined me at the conference. She loved it and learned so much that she will carry forward as she has her own classroom!

I truly think the variety of offerings met diverse needs.

I always enjoy getting to put my hands on the actual curriculum materials I am considering.

No suggestions…it was wonderful. Please keep the coffee coming. Thanks!