Tim Griffith

2024 Speaker

Timothy Griffith is a Senior Fellow of Classical Languages at New Saint Andrews College, chairman of the Institute for Classical Languages, and director of the Universal Latin Exam. He has spent the last 17 years improving methods for teaching ancient languages in a modern context. Most recently he has developed Picta Dicta (www.pictadicta.com), an online learning platform specifically designed to assist parents and teachers with teaching ancient languages.

Speaking Latin

A Pre-conference Practicum | June 19, 2024



2024 Workshop Speaker


How to Find and Train Latin (or Greek) Teachers for Your School

Every classical Christian school needs teachers qualified in a classical language to make its curriculum successful. However, teachers who know Latin or Greek are hard to find and often turn over too quickly. In this workshop, Tim Griffith (from New Saint Andrews College) and Jonathan Roberts (from the Ancient Language Institute) provide models for supplying long-term language faculty, covering 1) how to find people who both know the language and can teach it, 2) how to make your own language teachers from scratch, and 3) how to train and maintain current teachers.