Past Speaker

Grant Horner is professor of Renaissance and Reformation studies at The Master’s University. He is the Founder and Director of The Master’s University in Italy Program, a six-week summer intensive study abroad semester. Students live in an ancient villa in the city that was the birthplace of the modern world in the Renaissance: beautiful Florence. We also spend time in Rome and Venice. A variety of Humanities courses revolve around the Renaissance Humanist’s question ‘quid est homo?’—‘what is man?’ We examine the basis for studying the Humanities and explore what it means to be human.

Horner designed the original Humanities program in the Rhetoric School at Trinity Classical Academy, one of the fastest-growing classical Christian schools in the nation, and served as Chair for several years. He continues to mentor the teachers at Trinity.

Horner was named “Professor of the Year” in May 2001, his second year at The Master’s University, and again in 2007. He speaks regularly in a number of venues including national radio, particularly on current theological trends, philosophy and popular culture. He has spoken to Berkeley students on Christianity and popular culture, was invited to give the endowed Kegel Lecture at Caltech on representations of human consciousness in philosophy and art, and speaks regularly on the radio and television with over 100 appearances to date. He and his wife, Joanne, have three children: Seth, Josiah and Rachel, and several grandchildren, and they live in Santa Clarita, California.

Leading Students to Italy:
A Pre-Conference Practicum

With Grant Horner

Tuesday, June 15, 1:00-9:00PM