Danielle Dillenschneider

2024 Leader's Day, 2024 Speaker

Danielle Dillenschneider has taught at Bayshore Christian School for nine years. In her time at Bayshore, she has taught literature, rhetoric, debate, writing, and art history, and she has taught 7th through 12th grade students. She has also earned a Master’s in Classical Education from Eastern University and a Doctorate of Education from Southeastern University.

2024 Speaker Topic


How Aligned and Practiced Values Benefit School Culture

“For my dissertation, I researched how six areas of worklife (workload, community, control, values, reward, fairness) predicted burnout in ACCS secondary teachers across the country, and I found that a teacher’s sense of value alignment within the organization most significantly predicted a lower presence of burnout in teachers. I will unpack this finding by discussing what value alignment looks like for teachers practically and the various ways administrators can support their teachers in this process.

“I will present the findings from my dissertation research along with case study sketches to illustrate these ideas. I will also discuss how various mission statements and core values of classical Christian schools can be evidenced in schools. Additionally, I will show ways in which certain practices seem to contradict the core values of a classical Christian school, which would contribute to teacher burnout.”