Anthony Urti


Anthony G. Urti currently serves as Head of School at Delaware Valley Classical School, located in New Castle, DE, and has served as an administrator in CCE schools for the past 6 years. He has practiced law, worked in non-profit organizations, and served as both a teacher as well as a staff member in a major city’s public schools. He was turned on to CCE when he took a degree in Classical and Christian studies from Knox Theological Seminary and has seen the value of teaching students to wrestle with challenging content. He is husband to Nicole (who works with young readers at the school and is an NILD Level 1 therapist) and father to Dominic, Lucia, and Leo, all of whom are students at DVCS. His own formative education pales compared to one being received by his children, and were he to shout one thing from rooftops, it would be for parents to read aloud early and often to their young (Read: In the crib) children!


2024 Speaker Topic


The Call for Subcreators: Moving CCE Schools Away from Passivity

Often, students in our schools can seemingly be consumed with grade achievement, getting through the assignment, and passively receiving information. Rather than eager Socratic dialogue, some student heads hit the desk and they fail to connect important academic dots vis-a-vis the need for creative work in the world. Fearful of bucking common school conventions for something potentially better, schools continue along the same path. But education is for something more than college. Christians are called to dominion which by definition, is creative work. By creative, we mean art, and music, and literature, and businesses, and social organizations, etc. In other words, there may be an inherent problem in our schools: we’re too modernly aligned. How can we explore structural changes to aid in helping students toward creative work and ultimately, risk-taking?