Tim & Stephanie Slater

2024 Speaker

Dr. Tim Slater and Dr. Stephanie Slater serve as lead administrators and teachers at the Cabrera Christian Classical Academy in the Dominican Republic.
Originally trained as professional astronomers and serving as an education professors for 30 years in the United States, they are committed to teaching science and mathematics from a Bible-based, Christ-centered perspective. Drs. Slater have conducted professional development trainings for thousands of teachers internationally and, known for their enthusiastic and insightful presentations are frequently sought after as conference speakers.


2024 Speaker Topic


Reinvigorating the Contemporary Quadrivium

In pursuit of teaching what is true, good, and beautiful, classical Christian educators are challenged to honor the quadrivium portion of the seven liberal arts. Today, as in days gone by, the enactment of the quadrivium is largely inconsistent and remains a tenacious and unsolved problem among curriculum designers. A commitment to teaching these comprehensive mathematical arts with fidelity can be reinvigorated by matching the philosophical underpinnings of the quadrivium to modern scientific inquiry when one keeps their eyes on pursuit of the transcendent.