Tamra Hopkins image for ACCS Repairing the Ruins Conference

Tamra Hopkins

2023 Speaker

Tamra Hopkins serves as Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at Augustine Classical Academy, a classical Christian school in Saratoga County New York that she helped to found in 2009. She earned her BA in English and MAT from Union College (Schenectady, NY) where her love for literature and curriculum compelled her to write her thesis on “Dead White Men and Other American Myths.” Her faith in Christ, and the limitations she encountered in public education, caused her to look for other educational paradigms as she considered ways to disciple her own children. Since 2002, she and her husband Matt have leaned into the vision of classical Christian education, initially homeschooling their children through a cooperative they helped found, and eventually establishing Augustine Classical Academy to partner with parents to disciple their children to faith in Christ rooted in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. She is recently widowed and a mother of nine aged 26–10, five of whom have graduated from Augustine.


Tamra Hopkins is a speaker at this year’s conference.