Sarah Crowe

2024 Speaker

Sarah Crowe lives in Savannah, Georgia with her husband of twenty years, Kenneth, and their three children (ages 10, 12, and 15). She has a BA in English from Berry College and an MA degree in middle grades reading and language arts. With twelve years of experience, she is currently enjoying her fifth year at Veritas Academy in Savannah where she teaches 6th grade Grammar, Composition, and Literature. Her favorite authors are John Bunyan and Charles Dickens, and in addition to the joy of being in the classical, Christian classroom, she loves playing piano, baking, walking the dog, and especially, family time.


2024 Speaker Topic


Build Engaging Literature Lessons

This workshop focuses on how to engage students in literature class with subtopics such as, “Engage them in the Truth,” “Engage them with drama,” “Engage them in oral narration,” “Engage them in preparing arguments,” “Engage them in comparing and contrasting,” and more. The purpose is to encourage literature teachers with ideas for practical activities while focusing on the goals of instilling an enjoyment/wonder for literature, developing reasoning skills, exploring stories in light of the truth in God’s word, and participating in active ways.