Robert Stacey

Dr. Robert D. Stacey serves as the first Head of School at Augustine School in Jackson, Tennessee. Augustine is an independent classical Christian preK–12 school of 210 students that emphasizes Christian education, classical pedagogy, and the Great Books in service to Christian families of west Tennessee. Formerly, Dr. Stacey was the Provost at The Saint Constantine School and College and Professor of Government and Great Texts. He has taught a range of courses throughout his career in the Great Books, American Political and Social Thought, Economics, History, and Constitutionalism. In addition, he has published a book in partnership with the Alliance Defending Freedom entitled Sir William Blackstone and Common Law (2008), as well as a host of articles and reviews on topics ranging from philosophy of education to presidential elections. Prior to helping found The Saint Constantine School and College, Dr. Stacey served as Associate Provost at Houston Christian University and founding Dean of the HCU Honors College, Associate Professor in Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, and founding Chairman of the Department of Government at Patrick Henry College where he also taught the college’s flagship course, Freedom’s Foundations. Dr. Stacey took his B.A. (cum laude) in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Government at the University of Virginia, completed in 1998. In his free time, Dr. Stacey is a dedicated obstacle racing competitor and enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and just about anything done in the wild. Robert and his wife, Sherry, have three sons.


Robert Stacey is a workshop speaker at this year’s conference.