Jason Valley

Jason Valley is a teacher in the Logic School at Heritage Classical Academy in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to teaching at Heritage Classical Academy, Jason was a university instructor in occupational therapy. In 2021, he earned his PhD in occupational therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His dissertation examined the interrelationship between high school students’ time use on screen-based activities, life meaning, and psychological well-being. Based on his studies of adolescent screen use, he wrote an article for the 2023 winter issue of Classis, entitled, “Social Media or The Savior? The Answer to the Adolescent Quest for Identity.” Currently, Jason is working on a qualitative study exploring the self-perceived meaning of the classical Christian paideia in the lives of virtuous college students who attended classical Christian schools. Jason loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Josie (also a teacher at Heritage), and his three children, Noah, Clara, and Hannah. He also loves playing piano, exercising, playing sports, and reading great books. For Jason, the world of classical Christian education is a recently discovered treasure that he never knew he was searching for.