Carol Brown

Dr. Carol Brown served as a learning specialist, teacher, principal, and head of school in classical Christian schools in North Carolina, Georgia, Northern Virginia, and Lyon, France, from 1998-2009. In 2009, she developed the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum and founded Equipping Minds, a brain development center. Carol earned a B. A. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Marshall University, a M. A. in Social Services and a Doctorate in Education (Ed. D.) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an Ed. D. in educational leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a co-author of Neuroscience and Christian Formation, Human Development: Equipping Minds with Cognitive Development, Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum, and School Violence and Primary Prevention. Her doctoral research, “Equipping Minds with a Biblically based curriculum for Improving Working Memory,” was published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research. Carol trains public, private, and homeschool educators, therapists, administrators, psychologists, and parents around the world in the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum. She has conducted professional development workshops for Toyota, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Kentucky Parks and Recreation, Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Centre College, Down Syndrome Congress of Germany, SHARE international, Society of Professors in Christian Education (SPCE), National Alliance on Mental Illness ( NAMI), and civic organizations. Carol lives in Frankfort, KY with her husband, Kyle, and has three adult children who were all classically educated and has one granddaughter. “Understanding how children learn is my passion. Cognitive training is the missing piece to the puzzle.”