Caleb Sasser

Caleb Sasser is the Upper School Principal and Humanities Department Chair at Westside Christian Academy in Westlake, Ohio. He teaches Shakespeare, Plato, Homer, and many other classics while advising student theses, taking an active role in teacher training and mentoring, and leading the Upper School Faculty. He has taught students at every stage of the trivium in his nine-year career in classical Christian schools. Caleb is a commissioned Lay Catechist in his parish of St. Anselm Anglican Church. He also enjoys spending time with his family (he and his wife, Anna, have three amazing and endlessly surprising kids), working in his garden and woodshop, taking long hikes, and reading good books. He holds a B.A. in Classical Liberal Arts: Pedagogy from Patrick Henry College where he received the award for excellence in the Classical Liberal Arts.


Caleb Sasser is a workshop speaker at this year’s conference.