Andrew Selby

Andrew Selby has been a leader in classical education for over a decade. He has a B.A. from Biola University where he studied Great Books at the Torrey Honors College, an M.A. in Historical Theology from University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Religion from Baylor University. In 2020, he published his dissertation with Gorgias Press: Ambrose of Milan’s On the Holy Spirit: Rhetoric, Theology, and Sources. He also regularly writes and speaks on topics related to classical education and theology among other subjects. He has co-led classical conferences and retreats, including the Alcuin West and Alcuin Midwest Retreats. He has taught students from fifth grade through post-graduate in subjects such as Latin, rhetoric, composition, logic, history, literature, philosophy, Bible, and theology. He has also conducted teacher training in classical pedagogy and curriculum. Andrew is passionate about classical Christian education but even more so about his wife, Malea, and his five children. He loves reading novels, singing hymns and Psalms in four-part harmony with his church family, teaching adult Sunday School, hiking the hills of Santa Clarita, finishing a good workout, fishing, eating and drinking well, and discussing Great Books and the Bible.