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   THURSDAY Morning, June 22 (EDT)

PLENARY: Tombs of the Prophets – Douglas Wilson

The Classical Imagination: The How, What, and Why of Classical Education – Craig Hefner
The What and Why of Teaching Grammar – Tammy Peters
Powerpoint 1 | Powerpoint 2
Excellence in Bible Teaching in the Grammar School – Barbara Hansen
Leading Teacher Training from the Back of the Room – Bryan Lynch
Completing the Trivium is a Must – Andrew Smalley

TRACK PLENARY: The Idolatrous Eye: How to Recognize and Respond Rightly to Beauty in a Fallen World – Cole Jeffrey

   THURSDAY Afternoon, June 22 (EDT)

PLENARY: Five Lies of our Anti-Christian Age – Rosaria Butterfield

The Crack in the Marble Jar, 2.0 – Feeney & Kilmer
Powerpoint 1 | Powerpoint 2
Stop Writing Strategic Plans and Start Thinking Strategically – Vince Burens
Music Literacy in Action: Setting the Foundation for Joyful Music Making – Kara Farald
The Integration of Virtue: Spiritual Formation and Learning – Hopkins & Radcliff
Those Who Teach, Know: Utilizing “Dialogue” as a Form of Assessment – Schinetsky & Shaunessy
How does Science Fit into a Classical Education? – Charles Dewberry
Teaching Art in Christian Classical Schools: One Art Teacher’s Journey! – Scott Maynard
Practical Progymnasmata: Making Use of an Ancient Rhetorical Masterclass – Jason Modar

TRACK PLENARY: Scriptural Integration – Douglas Wilson

Writing in the Grammar Stage—Engaging in the Beauty – Tammy Peters
Directing Affections to Beauty – Caleb Sasser
The Grammar School Day: A Liturgy – Terri Covil
Event Planning: An Important Piece of Your Development Strategy – Gene Liechty
Dealing with Public Controversy – Robert Stacey
All the World’s a Screen: Shakespeare and Social Media – Cole Jeffrey
Get Your Students Reading Latin – Joseph Roberts
A Christian Response to Classical Rhetoric – Andrew Kern

TRACK PLENARY: Part I: The Early Church from Christ to Constantine – Louis Markos

   FRIDAY Morning, June 23 (EDT)

First Prize, 2022 Chrysostom Oratory Contest


Plenary – Dr. Ben Carson

The Shepherd Teacher: Gracious Classroom Management – Kourtney Wright
Cultivating Conversation: Using Feedback & Grading to Improve Discussion – Bryan Lynch
How to Teach Our Kids to Defend Against Radical Gender Ideology – Kenny Ortiz
Keys to Running a Successful Capital Campaign in a Turbulent Age – Brad Layland
Smoothing Your Path Through the ACCS Accreditation Process – Carmen Watson
How (and Why) to Teach the Old Testament Without Spoiling It – Christopher Jero
Feminism, Meteorology, and the Chronicles of Narnia: How Electives Can Enrich Your Students – Isley & Walker
Cultivating a Classical Christian Mathematics Program K–12 – Josh Wilkerson

TRACK PLENARY: The “Clean Sea Breeze” of Classical Pedagogy – Daniel Coupland

   FRIDAY Afternoon, June 23 (EDT)

Plenary — Dr. Albert Mohler Jr.

Planting Seeds of Oral Rhetoric and Communication in Younger Scholars – Darlene Gomes
Ten Lessons in Ten Years: Lessons from the Logic School – Aaron Fudge
Part I: Reflections on Dorothy Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning” – Diener, Selby, & Schlect
The Handwritten Word: An Exercise in Beauty – Jamie Sullivan
Shaping Round Pegs in a Square-Holed World – Kajsa Wilkins
Institutional Bravery – Jeffrey Wright
Mathematic Transformations in Instruction: From Traditional to Classical – Shane Artrip
Teaching Treasures – Myrandi Ballesteros

TRACK PLENARY: On the Improvement of the Mind: The Educational Vision of Isaac Watts – George Grant

Creating a Godly Classroom Culture – Janine Warmouth
View Powerpoint Presentation (Google Drive)
The 5 M’s of Good Teaching – Daniel Coupland
Part II: Reflections on Dorothy Sayers’ “Lost Tools of Learning” – Diener, Selby, & Schlect
How to Manage Up: Maximize the Relationship with Your Board – Walter Kearns
How to Use Inquiry to Enhance Science Instruction – Debbie Gentry
More than a Garnish: The Centrality of Music in Classical Christian Education – Jarrod Richey
Handout | Powerpoint
Art and Nature—STEAM Projects – Robin McLaurin

TRACK PLENARY: Part II: The Early Church from Christ to Constantine – Louis Markos

   SATURDAY Morning, June 24 (EDT)
Awakening Wonder that Leads to Worship in Math – Tori Hickok
Seven Laws of Teaching – Christie Wright
Developing the Cognitive Tools For Learning – Carol Brown
Reading Latin Manuscripts – Karen Moore
Stamping Eternity on the Eyeballs: Enabling the Masterpiece to See His Master – Jason Valley
Beauty, Incarnation, and Prophecy: Russian Literature in the Classical Christian School – Stephen Rippon
AI Writing Bots and the Future – Kyle Wilson
TRACK PLENARY: How to Overcome the Babarians We Have Become – Andrew Kern