Megan Howell

2024 Speaker

Megan Howell started the Imago Dei School, the nation’s first classical, Christian special education school-within-a-school at Trinity Classical Academy in Valencia, California. Imago Dei is one service included in the robust special education program that Megan has developed in her role as Principal of Special Education. As a licensed educational therapist with a master’s degree in special education, Megan loves students and aggressively seeks ways to help them overcome their challenges in order to reach their potential and thrive. Megan has been married to her favorite artist/surfer, Stark, for 35 years and together they have six grown children.


2024 Speaker Topic


From Empathy to Action: Creating a Comprehensive Student Support Program

Recognizing that the Lord creates each student uniquely with his own special gifts and talents, Trinity believes that a rigorous classical, Christian education should be available to students with learning needs. Learn about the comprehensive program of academic and therapeutic support Trinity has designed to assist each learner in reaching his potential for Christ.


Hope and a Future is Here: The Imago Dei School for Students with Developmental and Learning Disabilities

This exciting model makes a vibrant, classical, Christian education available to students with developmental disabilities. Learn how Imago Dei students are woven, with the utmost care, into the fabric of Trinity Classical Academy, creating an environment of beauty and opportunity for all learners.