Laurie Cutler

2023 Practicum

Laurie Cutler is a kindergarten teacher at Hickory Christian Academy, in Hickory, North Carolina.  She and her husband, Greg, are originally from Newport News, Virginia.  Laurie earned a Masters of Education from Regent University in 2011, and went on to teach at a Title I school in Virginia Beach.  When she was blessed with her first son, Caleb, the Lord made it possible for her to stay home with him, as well as his younger brother, Levi.  When making the decision of how to educate their boys, the Lord led Laurie and Greg to Hickory Christian Academy, and she began learning the benefits of classical education.  Over the last four years she has continued learning to apply classical Christian principles in her own kindergarten classroom.  She has seen firsthand how implementing auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning in the classical setting helps children learn in the way God has uniquely designed them.  She is so grateful for all the ways the Lord has blessed her family through this journey at Hickory Christian Academy.