Karen T. Moore is the classical chair at Grace Academy of Georgetown, nestled deep in the heart of Texas. Karen has taught Latin for more than twenty years in a variety of settings. She currently teaches classical language and ancient humanities at Grace Academy, where she built the third through twelfth grade classical language program. She is also the director for Grace Academy’s senior tour of Italy, guiding students through the wonders of Rome, Naples, and Florence. Karen is the co-author of the Libellus de Historia and Latin Alive series, including the Latin Alive Reader: Literature from Cicero to Newton, published by Classical Academic Press. Most recently she has published Hancus ille Vaccanis, the Latin interpretation of The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog with Logos Press. Karen also serves as the vice-president of the ACCS Institute for Classical Languages and the project manager for the CLT-Latin Proficiency Exam. She holds a BA in classics from the University of Texas at Austin and is currently pursuing an MSc in classical art and archaeology with the University of Edinburgh. She and her husband, Bryan, are the proud parents of three Grace Academy alumni. When not engaged in classical literature, Karen can be found in her garden, hiking with her family, or exploring Italy with her students.

Teaching Latin

A Pre-conference Practicum | June 15, 2021