Karen T. Moore holds a BA in Classics from the University of Texas and an MSc in Classical Art & Archaeology awarded with distinction by the University of Edinburgh. She is the author of multiple Latin textbooks, including Libellus de Historia, the Latin Alive! series and the Latin for Teachers course, all published by Classical Academic Press, and Hancus ille Vaccanis, published by Logos Press. Karen has served as the Classics Chair at Grace Academy in Georgetown, Texas, since 2002, where she built the 3-12th grade classical language program. She has also served in a variety of administrative roles including upper school lead teacher and director of curriculum and instruction. She continues to teach classical languages and ancient humanities at Grace Academy, and serves as the director for their annual Senior Tour of Italy. As a teacher, she has a unique ability to instill an enthusiasm for classical literature and languages in students of all ages and skill levels. Karen and her husband Bryan are the proud parents of three Grace Academy Alumni.

Reading Latin

A Pre-conference Practicum | June 21, 2023