Jon McCord

2024 Speaker

Jon McCord has served as the headmaster of Veritas Preparatory School in Greenville, South Carolina for ten years and teaches Latin, literature, history, and rhetoric (or whatever else might be needed). Prior to moving to South Carolina, Jon cut his teeth teaching and leading in Naperville after finishing graduate school at Wheaton College. At Veritas, he runs the Veritas BBQ Club and coaches JV boys’ basketball. He and his wife Lesley have four sons and love the outdoors, cooking, and discussion.


2024 Speaker Topic


Identity is Key: How Knowing who you are Makes Everything Easier

One of the constant challenges schools face is the pull to be all things to all parents. While this might seem to make sense as we often need more students and budget realities are reality, this workshop will argue and work through the reality that whether it is admissions or hiring, donor relationships or marketing, the most important thing is to know who you are and what God has called you to do. Time will be spent discussing and working together to use tools and questions that will help you tease out your school’s DNA.