Jennifer’s Tips: 

Making the Most of Your Conference

Helping speakers and guests find their way during the past four conferences has taught me a thing or two. Pack light. Only bring a carry on. Eat good meals. Always have a notepad. Reminder: You should get a handy journal and pen from the ACCS in your conference bag, but if you don’t, check with The Classical Difference booth.

Beyond the basics, I’ll be sharing a few more tips with you over the next few weeks specifically for this year’s conference.

First up: Tips for the time-conscious attendee.

Finding a hotel

Didn’t make it into the conference venue hotel? First, check back here, as reservations are still in flux. 

Second, staying off site might not take as much extra time as you imagine. We have five extra hotels with ACCS room blocks. None of them are more than 2.9 miles from the conference venue.

Check out the alternate hotel distances and routes to the venue


The city of Atlanta offers dockless scooters for rent through Bird, Lime, and Spin. The unlocking fee is typically $1, and the cost per minute is $0.39. Learn more.

Typically, these services work via a phone app. Download the app for the provider you want, and it will display the nearest scooters. Unlock the scooter with the app.

Renting a car

Are you considering a rental to move around the city more quickly, but wondering about the drive from the airport? According to Google, it should take  about 30 minutes.  See one route from the airport to the venue hotel here. Note that you can bypass downtown Atlanta.

Parking at the venue hotel is $35.00 per day. Valet parking is $45.00 per day. ACCS Attendees receive a 50% discount on parking. Some offsite hotels allow free or cheaper parking.

Getting to your workshop on time

Both the conference notebook and the conference app will contain venue area maps. Take a walk around the venue before the conference starts to get a feel for the location and layout.


The elevators. Veteran conference-goers will know what we mean.

Plan extra time for the elevator rush. Or, bring some comfortable shoes and take the stairs to get your daily steps in.

If you want to get serious about beating the rush, you might even ask for a room on a lower floor.

Getting a seat in your workshop

Last year, we heard a few friendly voices lamenting that rooms filled up before they could get a seat. This year, we have expanded the seating for both workshops and plenaries. But still, the elevators.


Next time: Tips for the Food Lover (i.e., everyone)