Jennifer’s Tips: Events & Networking

Making the Most of Your Conference

Don’t leave the conference with the feeling, “I wish I had … .” Our goal is to help you use the short conference time to the fullest.

What events are planned for this year?

Tip: Schedule Your Own!

When you get to the conference and download the app, you’ll be able to create your own get togethers, and see those scheduled by other attendees.

 Team Building

Some might say good food is the main ingredient in a successful team building recipe. See my previous post: Food. Take a look at nearby restaurants and reserve space early. (But don’t miss the Honor Choir on Thursday night at 7:30pm.)

But food isn’t the only option for team building:

Atlanta offers an almost unlimited supply of activities. Explore Atlanta for more team building inspiration. And just one more use for the scooters.


For many of us, meeting and connecting with new people is one of the biggest highlights of the conference. Now, with the RTR app, you can easily add and keep track of new contacts.

When you arrive at the conference, download the app, and click “Contacts”, once you do, your own, personal QR code will display for people to scan. (You can also add contact details manually if you enjoy typing with your thumb.)

After Hours

You won’t be alone if you bring card games, board games, or your favorite pipe to enjoy after hours. (Don’t worry. If you forget your pipe, you can stop by The Classical Difference booth and wow your friends with your new Middle Earth pipe.) 

Look around, you’ll likely find a group discussing, fellowshipping, or competing (past attendees have even been known to acquire flatware for a rousing competition of “spoons”). One tip on what not to plan for: lots of sleep.