Jason Perry

2024 Speaker

Jason Perry is a distinguished voice in both the Christian community and the realm of security and emergency preparedness. As the founder of Trident Shield, an emergency preparedness, security training, and consulting firm in Johnson City, TN, he masterfully integrates Biblical principles with practical safety training. Jason’s approach to active shooter and workplace violence prevention, as well as emergency preparedness and personal safety, is deeply rooted in real-world experience and guided by his faith. His extensive background (32+ years) encompasses roles as a Navy SEAL/ IDC, SWAT Officer, Executive Protection Specialist, and Corporate Security Expert. Now, as a Pastor, Jason’s expertise in crisis management is enriched by his spiritual leadership, offering a perspective that encompasses both physical readiness and spiritual insight. His methodology extends beyond conventional security tactics, fostering a spirit of vigilance and resilience deeply anchored in Biblical wisdom


2024 Speaker Topic


Blending Faith and Preparedness in Safety Training

This presentation delves into integrating biblically-based security principles to enhance the safety and security of educational institutions. It emphasizes the development of robust policies and procedures, fortified Infrastructure, and comprehensive training programs. These elements are essential in nurturing a learning environment that aligns with biblical teachings and fostering a sense of community, discipline, and discipleship, all aimed at protecting students and staff while maintaining a welcoming and empowering campus. (This workshop is on Thursday, June 20th, at 2:50 PM).