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June 18 – 19, 2020

A Note to Schools

Zoomed out? We could try to make this year’s RTR 2020 conference as close to the in-person event as possible, but on Zoom. Or, we could make it something else entirely– a Simulcast. We’re doing a bit of both.

We believe that our times call for new purposes this year. Right now, each of us are isolated. So it is with our school families. Our teachers are online and that’s not what they signed up for. This year, we’ll use Repairing the Ruins to help repair and strengthen your communities.

Bring your teachers and staff together June 18-19 to join the national community– together locally, connected nationally. Our programming will be close to that planned for RTR in Louisville, but it will be shortened for online engagement. It will be challenging and rewarding for educators, and it will bring parents into the conversation. We will also have over 40 Zoom-type workshops to meet the specific needs of teachers, administrators, and staff.

Reunite with families and learn about classical Christian Education together later in the day. Life has never been more disrupted for your families. As this crisis shifts and changes in the coming months, families will shift and change with it. For most, the end-of-year was a fizzle. Economic uncertainty soon will, if it hasn’t already, impact everyone. Schools can help. By June 18-19, most areas of the country will probably permit local gatherings. You now have a reason to gather. If your area will not allow it, your parents can view this simulcast from home as well. We are programming RTR’s late afternoon/evening so that parents can come experience the conference.


Q– What parts of Repairing the Ruins are free to members?
A– Everything. Every workshop, every panel, every simulcast.

Q– Free to whom? School Staff? Parents? Friends?
A– Free to anyone a member school would like to invite — Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Staff. If you can, we recommend gathering together. Attendees who view the conference individually online will need to register themselves with the discount code provided by their school. However, attendees who come to a school on-site event need not register separately from the school.

Q– Do my parents need to be present, or can they watch it online?
A– We encourage schools to do in-person events, where such gatherings are safe and permitted, to make this a community event. We think this will help with many things, including enrollment next year. But, parents can watch it online. You can plan an in-person event and if meetings are inadvisable, move everyone online within a few days of the event.

Q– Are there particular sessions that might be better for parents?
A– While we hope that all the simulcast sessions will be of interest to parents, “Prime Time” from 7-9PM EDT might appeal to the most general audiences.

Q– Will the simulcast be available later as a video?
A– No. The simulcast is live. It is not delayed for time zones. We may take selected sections and make them available on our member website, the MeRC.

Q– What about the other parts of the conference, like the earlier daily telecast or the workshops? Can parents watch those?
A– Yes! We want our members to use this year’s conference as a point of connection. But, we suggest you emphasize the evening simulcasts.

Q– We are unsure if we’ll be able to meet by then. Should we wait to promote this?
A– No. We suggest publicizing the event with a note: “If the COVID-19 situation allows gatherings.” If it does not, then when the time gets closer, you can redirect parents to view it online.

Q– How will this be simulcast? What technology will we need?
A– We recommend a high-bandwidth wired (as opposed to wifi) connection to the internet, if possible, of around 20 MBS download, sustained. If possible, we recommend you isolate the rest of your network. You may want to take some action to be sure the network bandwidth is not taken up by other wireless devices when people come in with their phones. You may want to disconnect building wireless, (unless it is isolated from your wired bandwidth, etc.) And, verify with your provider and your IT consultants that there are no bandwidth limits that might kick in during the show. The simulcast portions will be on Vimeo Livestream. You’ll need a computer that can receive and display on a large screen. We suggest everything is wired (not Apple TV, wireless networking, etc.).

Q– When can we register?
A– Free registration will last through May 22. Schools and individuals must register during that window.

Format Suggestions

It’s all free to members, so pick what works best for your community. On both Thursday and Friday, we will have two simulcasts that will last two hours each.

All times Eastern. REMEMBER — Adjust times for your location. Simulcast events are live only!

Each day, the first simulcast around 2:00 Eastern (EDT) will be suitable for all audiences but will be slightly more focused on the needs of teachers and staff. The second simulcast both days will be in the evening.

Suggested Option 1: A Conference Experience for Parents… Thursday and/or Friday

2:00 PM to 9:00 PM: Hold an event with the following schedule:

1:40– Doors open at your facility.
2:00-4:00: Simulcast One (if on Thursday) or Three (if on Friday)
4:15: Remain with our programming for the Plenary Panel Discussion or a chosen workshop.
4:15: -OR- Recommended alternate: Create your own local panel or speaker. If you have the technology to upload to Vimeo Livestream, we may offer your programming nationally!
5:30-6:30: Serve Dinner
7:00-9:00: Simulcast Two (if on Thursday) or Four (if on Friday)

Alternatives (option 1):

Hold the event live on Thursday, and let families login online for Friday.
Hold the event both days.
Plan the event, and if things haven’t opened up, have families tune in online.

Suggested Option 2: An evening prime-time event for parents… either Thursday or Friday

7:00 to 9:00 Family event: Hold an event with the following schedule:

6:40– Doors open at your facility.
7:00-9:00 Simulcast Two or Four (Thursday or Friday)
Snacks and dismiss.

Alternatives (option 2):

We recommend you offer the full day of conferences to parents at home online with this event. If you’d like, you can host your own speaker just ahead of the simulcast.

Suggested Option 3: The Full Conference Experience for Teachers and Parents

10:00 AM to 9:00 PM: Hold an event with the following schedule:

Setup classrooms each to display one of the workshops.
Select which workshops to show in each classroom at each time.
Doors open at your facility at 9:45 am.
10:15– Vendor Training Workshop
11:30– Workshop Session One (Thurs) or Four (Friday)
12:30-1:00 Lunch Break
1:00-1:45 Workshop Session Two (Thurs) or Five (Friday)
2:00-4:00 RTR LIve Simulcast One (Thurs) or Three (Friday)
4:15-5:15 Plenary Panel– Classical Christian Education Unplugged
-OR- Workshop session Three (Thurs) or Six (Friday)
5:30-7:00 Dinner Break
7:00-9:00 RTR Live Simulcast Two (Thurs) or Four (Friday)

Alternatives (Option 3):

Offer the workshop times for parents, but promote the simulcasts.
Offer this online, with Option 2 as a prime-time evening event online.

Event Recommendations

This is an opportunity for our member schools to host an event. We recommend the following:

  • Obtain as large of a screen as you can to project the simulcast and don’t forget the sound– you’ll need a good sound system. If you have a friendly church with a video system already in place for services, this may be even easier to arrange.
  • Use a venue at your school or nearby that will allow social distancing. A church with built-in video equipment is a good choice.
  • Plan some food, social time, and something for the kids if you can. The programming won’t be too interesting for those under 12, so games might be in order.
  • Plan one or both days, your choice.
  • Parents can access online, so the new normal makes in-person or online almost interchangeable.
  • Email your parents now to let them know of the dates. Then, as we provide you with new promotional graphics, consider sending a reminder.

Email to Our Schools (in case you missed it)

Dear Head of School,

As you know, we’re taking the Repairing the Ruins conference online for 2020. Rather than attempt an online experience similar to our normal conference, we have decided to evaluate the needs of our schools and do things differently.

Right now, we believe schools have three questions:

First, how do you cope with Covid-19 in the coming year? We will provide leaders-day programming to address this.

Second, how can we keep our staff camaraderie strong during this time? We encourage you to join us via a common link from your school with your staff in one room. This year’s conference is a tightly programmed, 6-hour per day combination of telecasts and zoom workshops. There will be many options, but it will take a form designed for online delivery. And, everyone can come. Free.

Third, how do schools keep families engaged over a long break? Attrition happens over long summers during a normal year. This year, with the possibility of almost 6 months transpiring without meeting, parents may emotionally disconnect and reconsider their educational options. We want to help schools keep their parents “in community” and committed to classical Christian education. We have programmed an event for your families to attend June 18th and 19th in the evening. This will be “Repairing the Ruins”, with a parent lean, but still with plenty of meaty classical Christian content.

Your school can build an event around one of three options: You can offer parents to attend the full 6-7 hours of programming on the 18th and 19th. You can offer a two night event where parents come to see the telecast together and interact with our national community live. Or, if two nights is too much, you can choose either Thursday or Friday. Both nights have different programming, but they stand alone. If you don’t want to manage a two day event, you can manage an event on either day.

If events are not allowed in your area, you can have your parents do this online, or in small groups. Be creative! Maybe it will be time to get 2-3 families together in homes to watch on a TV and enjoy a meal– dinner and a show! We do encourage a mass meeting if possible.

With all this, we also realize that some schools are concerned about budgets. We’ve decided to tighten our belts at ACCS this year to offer this conference free of charge to members. We encourage schools to spend some of their savings on the event itself. We will do something of a break mid-way through the two hours for refreshments, etc.

What you need to do! Begin planning now for the event. We will be providing materials for you to use soon. Decide which option you would like: Two days, two nights, or one night. Announce a “Save the Date” to your parents. And, setup a committee to plan the event.

In Christ,

David Goodwin

Copy Ideas for Parent Ads

We suggest you format your ad using the same pixel width as the header on the emails.

Copy Suggestion:

Join our school community

Repairing the Ruins Telecast
June 18th and 19th
7:00 PM [also 6:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 4:00 PM]
Location: [Your school]

Live from:
Philadelphia, PA — Durham, NC — Nashville, TN — Moscow, ID

Classical Christian educators gather from around the world for Repairing the Ruins. Each year, schools comment they wish their parents could hear this! This year, everyone can.


A Note about Membership

Have you considered ACCS membership recently?

Join now and your staff and parents can take part in our Repairing the Ruins online conference on June 18th and 19th FREE.

Either way, we hope you’ll benefit from and enjoy the unique 6-hour condensed programs and over 40 workshops available this year.