Heather Jennings

2022 Conference, Speaker

Dr. Heather Jennings is the Dean of Curriculum at The Ambrose School in Boise, Idaho. She holds a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of California Davis, a M.A. in English literature from Boise State University, and a B.A. in government from Patrick Henry College. Her engagement with classical Christian education spans nearly twenty years, from taking courses on the literature and history of Greece and Rome in high school from Andrew Kern, a leading thinker and teacher in the cCe movement; to teaching 5th then 12th grades at The Ambrose School; to writing her dissertation on habits of learning in medieval England. Heather appreciates how classical Christian education situates learning as an expression of loving God with all our minds, equips students to be life-long learners by approaching education not simply as dispensing information but as the formation of habits, teaches students to make connections among all subjects they study, and prepares students to be culture-makers by engaging with the art and ideas that have shaped the world. Heather is married to her husband, Brian, and together they have three daughters.