Franklin Norton

2024 Speaker

Franklin Norton is the Director of Advancement at Covenant School in Huntington, West Virginia. He earned his B.A. in advertising and public relations from Marshall University and an M.A. in Leadership with a concentration in classical schools from Gordon College, for which he completed a thesis project examining the relationship between male students and classical education. In addition to his role as advancement director, Mr. Norton has also taught upper school courses in Latin and Rhetoric, and currently teaches the senior Christian Worldview course. Mr. Norton is a member of Redemption Church in Huntington and enjoys reading great books, listening to beautiful music, and coaching the Covenant Eagles cross country and track teams.


2024 Speaker Topic


A Good Man is Hard to Find: Modern Education and the Crisis of Men without Chests

The present study demonstrates how Covenant School, in its transition into a truly classical and Christian school, better engages, retains, and educates boys than the modern methods of education previously applied, particularly in terms of curriculum and pedagogy. This transition, over five years, ultimately led to higher male retention rates and better male student performance and satisfaction, especially in the upper school (grades 7-12), where the greatest retention disparities were historically present.