RTR Online FAQ

1. Is RTR 2021 in person? Or Online? Which should I choose?

The full conference experience will be in person. As with our schools, we can only accomplish so much via Zoom. Several of our practicums and some of our workshops will be available in person and not online.

We will offer a live, online experience targeting two school audiences: 1) Those who cannot come to the conference due to COVID or due to cost. 2) And, last year’s conference helped many parents come to understand a little more about CCE. We plan to offer special parent programming for this purpose as well.

Read more here: Memo: Conference 2021, A Note About COVID, Live and Virtual

Member Schools

2. How does the site licensing work for teachers and staff? How do teachers and school staff participate in the online conference?

The RTR Online Member School Site License allows the school to give their staff access to the conference through their staff MRC login. This will allow teachers and staff members to view remotely, if desired.

Schools that purchase the Online Member School Site License may host the broadcast of the conference live at their school and invite their staff.

The Online Member School Site License programming will be a subset of the overall conference programming. The conference this year will be designed around the live event, so some portions will not lend themselves to remote access.

Non-member schools cannot access the Online Member School Site License. Individuals can purchase access to the online programming. However, this is for one individual only, not a site license. (See below.)

3. How can parents participate in the online conference?

New to Repairing the Ruins is “RTR for Parents,” with special access to live studio broadcasts and parent-focused content on Thursday afternoon and evening. Parents may gather together at your school for fellowship and learning, or you may send the links to your parent community for those who would like to join online. RTR for Parents is included with the Online Member School Site License but may also be purchased separately.

Through the RTR Online Member School Site License, a school may join both the main conference and “RTR for Parents” live at their school. The school may invite parents to join their staff and view the conference on-site. The RTR Online Member School Site License does not include the option of sharing the link with parents to view the main conference remotely, but it does include the “RTR for Parents” portion and corresponding links.

Parents who would like to watch the main conference remotely should purchase the RTR Online Individual access.

Non-Member Schools

4. Is the RTR Online Member School Site License available for schools that are not members of the ACCS?

No. The Site License is only available for our member schools. Non-members that wish to participate online must purchase RTR Online Individual access (or apply for ACCS school membership at (208) 882-6101 or info@accsedu.org).

5. Is RTR For Parents available for schools that are not members of the ACCS?

RTR for Parents is only available for ACCS member schools.

Conference Recordings

6. Will RTR Online provide access to all recordings of the talks after the conference?

RTR Online will give you access to key workshops through live streaming and will provide you with all available audio recordings after the conference. Live-streamed workshops will also be recorded. We will make an attempt to upload the workshops as quickly as possible, which might be shortly after the event or might take about a month.