Earl Claypool

2024 Speaker

Earl Claypool joined the humanities department at Regents in 2022 after serving in various roles in churches for over 13 years. Originally from Florida, he has lived in Texas since 2009, after a brief stint in Kentucky. The focus of his personal studies has been the History of the Church and more recently the field of Classical Education. Earl desires to create lifelong learners, equipping them with the tools to be able to discover and live out the truth throughout their lives.


2024 Speaker Topic


Assessing Through Oral Dialogue: Seeing What the Students Really Know

Students often do not perform as well on formal written assessments. While there are various reasons for this, their performance does not always reflect their knowledge and understanding of the subject. The Oral Dialogue provides a Socratic method, whereby the conversation between student and teacher can more accurately reflect a student’s ability to explain material and make the appropriate connections a teacher is desires to see in students. This presentation will cover planning and implementation in a humanities settings, but could fit in other formats.