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Conference Status and Coronavirus Update

4-22-2020 Update: Repairing the Ruins is moving online

With the ongoing developments with Covid-19, the ACCS has decided to do something different with Repairing the Ruins this year. In consultation with our venue, The Galt House, a large gathering from around the country seems unlikely by June 15th, and the posture of state and local government in Kentucky influenced our decision. We had planned to make this decision in about two weeks, but we, like you, are adjusting to an ever-changing climate.

The needs of many schools have changed as well. We believe that our wisest option will be to transform Repairing the Ruins 2020 into an experience that will be the most helpful to our members in this current environment—the same week, but shorter and online.

In consultation with member schools, we know that money is tight. And, we know that the commitment of your parents has never been as important as it now is (and, we know Zoom is getting a little old as well).

With these considerations in mind, here are some details:

1) We will move to a condensed, but tightly programmed and content-rich, online experience that will provide opportunities not usually possible. We know everyone is weary of online meetings by now. This will be an online event, but part of it will be more like a telecast with several studios hosted around the country. More detail will follow in the coming weeks. These 2-hour segments will be engaging and move quickly to make the experience more like a televised program than a conference.

2) The online event will take place over a 2-day time period during the scheduled dates of the 2020 conference. The programming will be flexible, so you can access as much as you like. Or, you can simply tune in for the highly programmed segments.

3) The entire 2-day event will be free to our member schools AND parents at your schools. You will still need to register. Registration will be available within 2 weeks.

4) We will add content that will address today’s unique challenges. But, the majority of our speakers and content planned for this year will be presented.

5) A tightly programmed 2-hour block during two afternoon/evenings will be suited to parents and educators. With schools out, most through the end of the year, those schools that are able to gather together their families in mid-June will have a unique opportunity—to reconnect in a personal way at this tele-event. We hope you can arrange this in person at your school if possible, or online if need be. Over the years, we’ve been told how schools wish their parents could experience Repairing the Ruins. Now they can. Our hope is that this online broadcast will draw your communities together and help shore up a commitment to your school and classical Christian education for the next year.

6) When schools bring large contingents to RTR, we hear of the blessings of teams being together. We’re encouraging schools to meet together if possible, to partake in this two-day event.

7) Refunds will be processed for those who have already paid conference fees for RTR as soon as we are able. The Galt House will cancel all reservations made under the ACCS room block. We strongly suggest you confirm that your reservations have been cancelled, in case you booked some of your room nights outside the conference block.

8) We plan to have a Leader’s Day event built into the 2-day schedule.

9) There will be a fee for non-member schools.

This is a conference for everyone at your school. Our goal is to make this our largest conference yet, and to provide something new.

As you might imagine, we regret the loss of our time together in person. The ACCS funds a portion of its budget each year through the conference, so this will challenge us. Enrollment season was cut short by this pandemic, challenging most of you. We will also share with you in the financial challenges knowing that our God will provide. So, that’s why we decided to open our event to members and their families free of charge. However, if you are able and would like to donate your fees paid thus far, that would be helpful to help cover our loss.

4-21-2020 COVID-19 Update: Learning is important. Community is important. Classical Christian education is important. We can all agree that whatever else happens, these three things will remain important to our schools. As we move forward and consider our options, we are committed to a conference experience this summer in concert with these priorities—in person or online, regionally or nationally.

If we’re forced to go online with Repairing the Ruins, we look forward to an innovative format. We haven’t made that call yet, but our desire is to find ways to make our conference free to member schools, should we need to take it online. We realize that financial resources may be a factor for many, so we want to help where we can.

If we go online, we hope to bring you:

  • Live, interactive workshops
  • Q & A Zoom sessions
  • Vendor chatrooms
  • Scheduled speakers and sessions
  • Schedule reminders and live updates
  • Planning guides for gathering your faculty and staff to attend together, if possible
  • And much more…

Stay tuned!

May 25 Update

From today’s vantage point, it might seem unlikely that we would be able to host a conference this year. However, if the situation improves in the next eight weeks, and the risk of gathering is diminished, we want to be ready. We’d appreciate your help in preparing for our event.

If other conferences are still being widely cancelled in sixty days, we will reconsider the situation. Right now, the CDC is recommending cancellations only through mid-May, when they believe that the worst of the epidemic will be past. In mid-May, we’ll provide an update on our status. We expect that a lot will change between now and then, given the cost to our society and economy. The ACCS plans to press forward with Repairing the Ruins at this time.

Notes on Registration:

  • You can cancel your hotel reservation at the Galt House within 48 hours of the conference. (Cancel 48 hours prior to 4:00 PM day of arrival to avoid one night charge plus applicable tax.)
  • We’ve loosened our refund policy at ACCS. (Cancel by May 19 with no cancellation fee.)
  • Airfare right now is very affordable. You could buy tickets now and save, with a bit of risk for rescheduling. Or, normally, airfare is still quite affordable up to 20 days beforehand—you can delay the purchase of the airfare until May 15th when we update you. Either way, this may be the year to save some money on sending folks to the conference!

Our decision in the end will, of course, be most influenced by our concern for the safety of attendees.

Registrations at this time will help us to continue our planning for the conference, so please consider registering as usual. We plan to hold it even if it’s much smaller, but it would help us to understand the demand earlier rather than later.

Thank you, and I am hopeful that we will all be together in June to enjoy the fellowship of our classical Christian school family.

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~ Proverbs 3:5