Chris Hall

2023 Practicum

Chris Hall has a BA in Philosophy from Gettysburg College and an MAT in Elementary Education from Towson University. He has been a classroom educator and administrator for 28 years, serving in public, independent, and Classical schools. He has presented on the common arts, along with science and math pedagogy, at both ACCS and SCL National Conferences, and is a Board Member and national-level Fellow in the Alcuin Fellowship. Along with his professional pedigree, he is a lifelong practitioner of several of the common arts profiled in his book Common Arts Education: Renewing the Classical Tradition of Training the Hands, Head and Heart. He is also the co-author, along with Ravi Jain and Robbie Andreasen, of A New Natural Philosophy: Recovering A Natural Science and Christian Pedagogy, and the author of an upcoming book from Classical Academic Press on the interplay between the common arts and the quadrivium. He is the Founder of Always Learning Education, an organization dedicated to teaching, learning, and propagating the common arts. He lives on a small, homesteaded farm in central Virginia with his wife and three homeschooled sons.