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Bill Stutzman – Hosting Live from Nashville


From teacher, to administrator, to parent, and back again, Bill can relate. This fall, he is headed to Classical Christian Academy in Idaho to join them as their headmaster, but not before making a stop in Nashville to join us at Repairing the Ruins 2020. When not with his school staff, his students, or his own three children, Bill can be found with his guitar in hand and a few notes (musical) scribbled on the nearest napkin.

More About Bill Stutzman

Simulcast Host

“What do I do? I’m a husband and father, a writer and a reader, a singer and a story-teller. I try to write songs that revel in the natural wonder of God’s creation, lift up the weary hands and strengthen the feeble knees, and give expression to the experiences of life in a grand cosmic story–with real joy, real pain, real questions, and real answers. I make music slowly. I believe in the integrity of music that’s really played, really sung, really all I think it’s supposed to be. It means living, writing, and singing in and with a community together.”