George Grant

2024 Speaker

George Grant has started a lot of things and somehow or another he has even managed to finish a few of them. Currently, he is the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, where he also serves as the director of the King’s Meadow Study Center and teaches at the Franklin Classical School. He has planted four churches, established a fistful of schools and co-ops along with two colleges, accumulated a bottom drawer full of academic degrees, and is the author of enough out-of-print books to keep half the garage sales in the South fully stocked. But, by his own testimony, his greatest accomplishment is his ongoing role as husband of one, father of three, and grandfather of nine (and counting).

Plenary (Keynote)

George Grant is a plenary speaker and MC at this year’s conference.

Anselm and the Discipleship of the Mind

Known as the “Father of Scholasticism” and of “Pre-suppositional Apologetics” Anselm of Canterbury was perhaps the most luminous and penetrating intellect in the years between Augustine and Aquinas. His vision for education laid the foundations for the Western university tradition and the Christian stewardship of the mind. This plenary talk will explore his life, his legacy, and his lessons for our own time.


Modern Apologetics for Scientific Skeptics: The Astronomical Discourses of Thomas Chalmers

In 1815, shortly after he first arrived as the pastor of Glasgow’s prominent Tron Church, Thomas Chalmers began a series of lunchtime lectures on astronomy. His aim was to meet objections against the truth of the Gospel “in the treatises of infidelity” and “in the conversations of the worldly.” Every other month for the next two years, Chalmers employed every apologetic method in the ample arsenal of Christian truth to developing a vibrant “Natural Theology.” In this workshop we will explore the remarkable impact from his lectures and draw from that legacy lessons for our own day of infidelity.