Douglas Wilson

2024 Speaker

Douglas Wilson is the minister of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. He is a founding board member of both Logos School and New Saint Andrews College, and serves as an instructor at Greyfriars Hall, a ministerial training program at Christ Church. He is the author of numerous books on classical Christian education, the family, and the Reformed faith.

Plenary Topic


Our work in ACCS is a crucial front in our modern culture wars. As you cannot fight a naval war without ships, or conduct tank warfare without tanks, so it is impossible to have a culture war if we are missing a culture. The ACCS is in the front lines of a most necessary rearmament. The situation is dire—it is like Britain trying to rearm in the thirties. But it is not enough to have old books, Latin courses, and classical music. Cultures need an immune system against the deadliest culture disease, which is envy. And to understand that properly, we need to take a look at Girard and Anselm.

Douglas Wilson, New Saint Andrews